We are a Post-grunge band from Louisville, KY. All idols are false, follow nothing. Rock music is not dead; join us. 


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Never Nervous


  Louisville-centric music & culture blog 

"The compositional work here is heavy, moving from one multi-rhythm to another, more often than not the vehicle for the guitar to solo and the vocalist to soar, but always a cohesive unit."



Metal Webazine, France
"Want softness and beautiful guitar plans? DAEODON, a young combo of American Hard Rock, has just released a first EP that deserves a listen."  (Translated from French)

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 It is amazing to see all these fresh ideas in one place from a band with only a debut album seems like Daeodon has already done too much to prove themselves. And surely have made a clear statement about their confident steps to the next level in music.